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Junior Recruiter

Szervezeti egység: HR

Helység: Hybrid

Szint: Junior


Online education is an area of explosive startups and investments. By 2025, the global EdTech market will be worth more than $400 billion.

The Laba Group team is a leader of EdTech in Eastern Europe with the teams in Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Turkey, and Czechia. We break old stereotypes and write our own rules in the online education sphere. If you open the Forbes 100 list, 93 of them are our clients. 

Our achievements so far:

  • 2015 — the first online course for HR specialists
  • 2019 — Skvot school for creative professions and entering the US market with ELVTR
  • 2020 — we’ve launched robot_dreams, the school for IT professionals
  • 2024 — current projects in Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Czechia, Romania, Turkey, the USA, Germany and the UK

During this time, we have launched more than 568+ courses and taught 115,000+ students from more than 50 countries.

We have built a strong team and become the Laba, recognized by Forbes and Harvard Business Review. Our next goal is to become a Unicorn company. To do this, we need energized and motivated people. Right now our Hungarian team is growing and looking for a dedicated Junior Recruiter who will contribute to the team's success by attracting the best instructors for our courses.

Here's what will be on your task list:

  • Searching for top specialists who work in companies-industry leaders and could potentially become our instructors.
  • Utilizing various sourcing tools and platforms to find the best talent.
  • Conducting introductory calls with potential instructors.
  • Developing an effective search strategy.
  • Analyzing the market (business, creative industries, and IT sector), trends, and those who set these trends (top companies in their niches).
  • Correct maintenance of the candidate system for accurate analytics and improvement of the Candidate Journey Map.


Skill pack for high-quality performance:

  • 6+ months of experience in sourcing/recruitment.
  • Proficient in Hungarian and and at least B2 in English.
  • A willingness to learn and dive into unfamiliar areas.
  • Systematic and analytical thinking (understanding that sourcing is not just about communication but also about numbers and a helicopter view of the vacancy).
  • Great attention to detail and high-level literacy (from understanding the lecturer's profile to creating a quality pitch).
  • Proactivity and the ability to think differently (you think ahead of burning deadlines and suggest cool solutions).
  • Patience (you don't get bored with repetitive tasks, you meditate on them).
  • Of course, communication skills at the PRO level, to successfully collaborate with both candidates and stakeholders.

It would be nice, but not mandatory if you:

  • Use sourcing tools (X-ray, Boolean Search, and others) and platforms (GitHub, Behance, etc).
  • Are a confident user of LinkedIn (preferably LinkedIn Recruiter).
  • Have experience in conducting pre-screen calls or initial interviews.


In addition to grand ambitions and goals, you'll find:

  • The opportunity to interact with representatives from top companies in their niches and strengthen your network.
  • Immersion in topics of courses that rank top in the market (from AI to Project Management).
  • Chance to influence directly the development of our main product and the company’s overall growth.
  • Opportunity to be a part of the educational revolution in Hungary and present valuable practice-oriented courses to the audience.
  • Valuable international collaboration with our Global Sourcing team.
  • Team lead support, with whom you'll bond through thick and thin.
  • Freedom for creative ideas. Speak up and suggest, and we'll listen and brainstorm together on how to bring your thoughts to life. How else do we move towards a fantastic future?

And also:

  • The working format is hybrid so you have the chance to meet your lovely colleagues, have amazing parties, and, when needed, to stay at home in your pajamas. 
  • Flexible full-time, you choose your hours of productivity but complete assigned tasks on time and don't let deadlines burn.
  • Work asset. We provide you with a company laptop and even a headset to be as effective as you can.
  • Self-development. Free access to all Laba Group courses after a trial period. We support all forms of development if it leads to the achievement of your goals.
  • Convenience. A pet-friendly office in the green belt of Óbuda where inspiration pours in.
  • Rest + 3 days paid leave on top of the statutory leave to make sure you get your rest.

Feeling inspired?

Then leave your application, hop onboard and let's drive EdTech world together!

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