Talent Acquisition Specialist
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Talent Acquisition Specialist

Szervezeti egység: HR

Helység: Budapest

Szint: Strong Junior


Online education is an area of explosive startups and investments. By 2025, the global EdTech market will be worth more than $400 billion. 

Laba Group team started 8 years ago and we break old stereotypes and write our own rules in the online education sphere. If you open the Forbes 100 list, 93 of them are our clients.

In 2020, we entered new markets, and now we are actively working on projects in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, and the Czech Republic. 

A little bit about us: 

  • in 2015, we held our first master class 
  • in 2020, we opened offices in 5 European countries
  • leading the online education market in Eastern Europe 
  • launched 600+ courses and taught 115,000+ students from over 50 countries 
  • our lecturers are specialists from Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and Nike 
  • we will become an EdTech-Unicorn by 2026 🦄

In each country, we have local teams, and the courses are held in native languages.

To continue winning, we need a team of the best. We are currently seeking a proactive and dynamic person to join our team as the Talent Acquisition Specialist. The successful candidate will join our Global Talent Acquisition Team and will be collaborating with our local HR Manager and improving the performance and efficiency of our recruitment process in Hungary.

You will realize your potential in the following areas: 

  • collaborate with hiring managers, team leads and HRD to develop effective recruitment strategies for various positions and departments within the organization; 
  • utilize various sourcing channels, such as job boards, social media platforms, professional networks, and employee referrals, to identify and attract qualified candidates for different positions; 
  • conduct pre-screen calls and various types of interviews (competence, case, behavioral, etc.) evaluating their skills, experience, and cultural fit for Laba Group;
  • facilitate the selection process by coordinating interviews between candidates and hiring managers, gathering feedback, and assisting in the decision-making process; 
  • maintain accurate and up-to-date records of candidate interactions, recruitment activities, and metrics to provide regular reports and insights to the Talent Acquisition Team and key stakeholders;
  • stay updated on recruitment best practices, trends, and Hungarian market conditions to contribute to the continuous improvement of recruitment strategies and processes; 
  • cooperate with the Global Talent Acquisition team (take part in weekly discussions, exchange experience, and have a great time together); 
  • promote Laba Group’s employer brand by ensuring a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment process;
  • assist local HR Manager in employee experience activities such as onboarding, HR administration, event management but not limited to.


Skill pack for high-quality performance: 

  • Proficient in Hungarian and at least B2 in English; 
  • 1+ years of recruitment experience and your desire to build a career in this field; 
  • strong organizational and prioritization skills, you have the ability to manage multiple tasks and deadlines;
  • exceptional communication and active listening skills to build strong connections with diverse talent; 
  • big picture thinking, enabling you to align recruitment strategies with our long-term company vision and goals; 
  • positive body language and empathy, you succeed in creating a welcoming interview environment; 
  • proven ability to build and maintain relationships with candidates, hiring managers, and stakeholders; 
  • patience and a data-driven mindset for thorough candidate evaluation; 
  • effective persuasion skills, you know how to present the company to the future newcomers;
  • fast adaptation to changes and striving for challenges, you are capable of thinking on your feet; 
  • solid understanding that Talent Acquisition is about systems and not only "loving people and communication"; 
  • you are ready to ask tons of questions to find the solutions.


  • experience in start-up environments; 
  • proven expertise in strong networking, empowering you to tap into diverse talent pools and cultivate valuable industry connections; 
  • exceptional relationship-building skills, fostering strong rapport with candidates, hiring managers, and external partners to enhance the recruitment process; 
  • experience in working with ATS or other similar tools.

We see your results as follows: 

  • all vacancies are filled with high-quality candidates in a timely manner; 
  • developed relationships with all the stakeholders and hiring managers; 
  • all the recruitment data is maintained accurately; 
  • every newcomer is aware of the company's values; 
  • high level of team loyalty and involvement; 
  • development of a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy, aligning it with Laba Group’s long-term goals.


In addition to huge ambitions and a global goal, you will find: 

  • full-time hybrid work in a comfortable office in Budapest with all of the amenities to make you feel most comfortable and productive at work; 
  • a clear motivation system (salary + bonus for the achieved KPIs); 
  • free access to all our courses in all languages after the probation period; 
  • +1000 to your knowledge and skills: you are going to work with various tools, formats, and processes. What's more, you are about to collaborate with different teams — all of them have a lot of knowledge and insights to share;
  • freedom of creativity: we support cool results and non-standard approaches. Offer your ideas, and we'll think about how to implement them together; 
  • a close-knit team where everyone remembers their first day; 
  • an atmosphere of dynamic work and changes for the better; 
  • an international environment that is changing education on a global scale.

Our recruitment process is transparent and clear. You will have three stages: an interview with the Talent Acquisition Business Partner, an online assessment, and finally, an interview with the CEO in Hungary. 

After that, an offer is in your mail. 

Feel the common vibe? ✨ 

Don't waste your time. Apply and let's get to know each other! 

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